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How ever you found yourself off the beaten path I'm glad you stopped by.

This web page currently has no hidden agenda other than talking about my interests. Hopefully you too will find some of it interesting. Maybe some future incarnation will have a real meaning in life. Until then expect this page to be modified when I have the time.

The BeatlesS Hoffs

MonkeeMan's Top 10 Favorite Artists

As I am sure is true with your own personal list, this list changes based on my mood.

I listed them alphabetically but #1 really has to be The Beatles.



May I Recommend

The Beatles

What more can be written about John, Paul, George & Ringo?

Abbey Road

Susanna Hoffs

Bangles were good, now solo she excels. Not only is she a babe and a half, I highly recommend her 2nd solo album. I just don't get tired of it.

Susanna Hoffs is her self titled 2nd solo work. Note the CD contains two bonus tracks not listed on the liner notes. Again I say, get this album.

The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy

Pat Fish has put out a slew of LPs for over 10 years that never made it in the US. No he is not jazz, but best classified as rock (who likes labels?).
Now Pat is re-inventing himself with a new techno band SumoSonic and Wilson. Unfortunately, again no US interest as of yet.

See my JBC Song Variations Page

Cult of the Basement. Probably best of the bunch overall however it does not contain some of my most favorite songs.

You might try Draining The Glass a recent retrospective of his early work. He was on "Glass Records" get it?

Howard Jones

I love 80s pop and Howard is still putting out albums although most of the world is not noticing.

Live Acoustic America is an excellent live LP. If you only buy one of his albums, this is the one.

Aimee Mann

Aimee has put out two solo LPs since leaving 'Til Tuesday. Her last LP was critically well received although it had very little air play.

I'm With Stupid (solo)

Welcome Home ('Til Tuesday)

Marillion / Fish

Marillion is a great "art rock" band. The lead singer Fish went solo in the late 80s. Steve Hogarth took over as voice. They were extremely popular in Europe for a while with moderate success here in the US.

Misplaced Childhood is an excellent concept album with Fish.

This Strange Engine is the latest work with Hogarth and best of his work.

The Monkees

You know that they had to be somewhere on my list.

They did not play their own instruments, they rented them.

Headquarters is the first album where only the 4 Monkees perform every track. No wall of sound here but it is still very enjoyable. At the time it broke the record for most pre-orders at that time. (Thank you Rhino Records for re-releasing all 9 original Monkee LPs on CD with bonus tracks!)

The Prison is my favorite from Michael Nesmith. Best described as mood music with lyrics. The CD version is very different from the original LP release and the reworking is superior.

Live at the Palais has some really great songs but Nez refuses to re-release it on CD.

Two Man Band is a collaboration of Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley. I recommend any of James' albums.

James Lee Stanley

A talented singer songwriter with a smooth voice and smart lyrics.  He has put out albums for years but only his sister has been able to chart with one of his songs.  Definitely give him a listen.

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Check out his detailed discography here: The JLS Detailed Discography.


Also check out his datamusicata site for performance tips.

Simon and Garfunkel

The reference for 60s folk-rock.

Bridge Over Troubled Water (both)

Graceland (Simon)

Angel Clare (Garfunkel)

Supertramp /
Roger Hodgson

There is not a whole lot of music I liked in the 70s. The Logical Song is what turned me on to them when it hit the airwaves back then.

Crime Of The Century is well crafted and an album I love returning to again and again.

Rites Of Passage is a live album from Roger that contains an excellent mix of Supertramp hits and his best solo work.

Tears for Fears /
Roland Orzibal

Another great 80s band. Curt Smith left the band and it is obvious that Roland was the driving creative force.

Songs from the Big Chair

Elemental (Roland solo under the name Tears For Fears)

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